Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Movable Stationary Holders...

After trying out with making turtle and penguin, I moved out to try out other animals. So came, the cow, pig, and girraffe, oh and rabbit. Also tried making them of different width (wider), so that some of the holders can hold more stationary.

Somehow the rabbit looks un-interesting. And felt that I could do more for the holders, perhaps allow enable them to carry some short messages. So off I went, made some short messages that can be glued or hang on the holders... think the rabbit now looks better. And added a little red hat for Mr Penguin. Believe he's alot more handsome now. Hehehe...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movable Toy Stationary Holders?

I've always loved toys, and I would like to do my part in recycling. Somehow, along the way, I decided to make use of those good cardboard boxes that I've collected, and make them into something useful, yet "play-able". Thus came the idea of making stationary holders that are movable... like toy cars, yet can carry some stuff in it... So made these...

I know they are not perfect, but am very glad that I made them. They are my prototypes, and thus will continue to 'polish' up my skills and hopefully the next few 'toys' will be much better...

Latest Dolls Addition...

JaJa (~32cm)
When making Jaja, I didn't have any clear idea how it might turned out. Gave Jaja some long fringe and a removable coat. So I suppose everything work out somehow.

Blu (~30cm)
Using different shades of blue, thus named Blu... was born... He too has a removable vest and a small face.

More more dolls...

Witty (~33cm)
Witty was 'born' after I decided to combine the different textures and coloured fabrics, and to make the headdress slightly different from the way I've made the rest of the dolls.

Dot (~30cm)
Making Dot was easy and yet hard at the same time as the fabric ain't anything but soft. So it took me awhile to figure out how to overcome some of the sewing difficulties before I finally complete it.

Genni (~25cm)
Genni is the smallest of all so far. She also have the most gentle look I think. Perhaps I should make some toys for her to play with...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Dolls...

Squaty (~27cm)

Ginger (~29cm)
After completing Tally and Long, I went on to try making slightly smaller dolls. So here's Ginger and Squaty. Making the hats were the biggest challenge, and sewing such small dolls were much trickier than it looks...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hand-crafted Dolls

Long (~39cm)

Tally (~38cm)

My first hand-crafted dolls, Tally and Long.
Each of them have their very own characteristic/ personality. Other than giving them names, I do not wish to dictate clearly each of their character, but rather leave it to imagination whilst giving them just enough personality. They are individually hand-crafted from their body parts to their costumes. The body parts are individually paper-mache and then joined together, thus I still make use of my desire to recycle, yet at the same time allow life-like movable joints. As the dolls are pretty small, each of the costumes, from their hat to shoes have to be hand-sewn.

Friday, January 2, 2009

More crafted Stationary Holders

Crafted Stationary Holders...

Running along the line of recycling, was wondering what could be done with the tons of magazine, cardboard paper that we used and threw out each day. Thus I came up with the idea of recycling them by making them into something use-able – Stationary holders… The only major setback will be the strenuous process of papier-mache. Not only is it time consuming, it also requires patience to ensure that each piece of paper is properly papier-mache so as to maintain the shape and smooth surface of the product. Nonetheless, the end products were satisfactory. To add to the finishing touch, the products were further decorated with fabrics.