Monday, July 11, 2011

Flying Office

How about a office that can fly around? An office that's on wings?
Actually this one is modelled after a wooden toy that I've bought from Prague. The actually toy is a lot more complicated as it's also a puppet. So several parts are movable. If I were to make it as complicated as the wooden toy, it would have to be much bigger in size so as to have the structural strength for all the movable gadgets. Therefore, I opt for a simpler, smaller version of it.

The wings are movable, so can the steering wheel. As this is an office, but the space is quite small, so to solve the problem, the chair is turn-able, 360 degree. So, when driving the office around, the chair can be turned to face the steering wheel, and when working, the chair can be turned to face the table and computer. And yes, there's a toilet at the back. So no worries about no toilet break. Also, the toilet allows a fantastic view!

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