Monday, July 11, 2011

House On Wheels

As I was making the Moving Cottage, an idea, and image floated in my mind. I saw a huge wheel turning, so I thought to myself, "hey, how about a big wheel which is actually a house?". So, while I was still making the Moving Cottage, I started on House On Wheel as well.

The tricky part on making this piece of work was the structural construction of the wheels. The wheels must be able to move separately from the main body, which is the house. I also added a small 'viewing platform' on one side of the exterior of the wheels. I thought, it will be cool if there's a viewing platform where one could sit and relax, and enjoy the views.

Back of the House On Wheels.

Details of the interior.

There's a dining area, living room with sofa and coffee table, bookshelf, and kitchen area on the 2nd storey. The lower storey is a simple bedroom and study table. Also included at the top storey, a small control room, well, there must be some kinda control are for 'driving' the house around. Just like with the Moving cottage, making tiny furniture using the corrugated cardboard was quite a challenge as the smaller the piece, the harder it is to cut the cardboard without damaging it. So I guess if I want to make anything smaller, I would need to use other kind of cardboards...

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