Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cardboard Toy Cars

After having successfully made the movable stationary holders, I decided to create my own movable cardboard toy cars. I have always love classic, antique cars, and enjoy looking at or playing with small toy cars... So, I thought, why not design and create my own toy cars using cardboards. Afterall, I have managed to make 2 cardboard cars for my dolls. So this time round, I just make them smaller...
They are all not too big, about 13cm by 9cm. Some were made with the possibility of using them as stationary holders. But eventually most are just plain toy cars, as I realised if they were to function as a holder as well, it will limit the designs I can create.
I love them just in these plain original cardboard colours... but I bet most will prefer them to be painted like a real car... so... will work on that...


  1. Encantadores de verdad, me gusta hacer manualidades con cartón intentaré hacer estos modelos para mi nieto. Gracias y saludos desde Oaxaca, México.