Monday, July 6, 2009

Simpler Cars

After having displayed the toy cars I made much earlier, and seen for myself how others reacted to them. Price seems to be the major factor why none of them are willing to pay for the cars (though I did eventually sold 3 of the cars to a young boy whose parent was very generous to fork out that kinda money for the son).

I decided that perhaps I should make the designs simpler, and thus easier to make. Hence eventually I can price them much lower than I did before. And perhaps then, more might be willing to purchase them. But that doesn't mean I'll give up making the more complicated ones. Perhaps it's good to give the consumers more choices.

Having said that, I can also only hope that they can also understand and appreciate the making and using of these cardboards.

ONce again, these cars are inspired by/modelled after classic antique cars.

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  1. hello Pal
    please also share steps of your crafts, so that we get help and we also encourage our kids to make crafts like your in vacation