Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turbo Strike

Newest addition to the cardboard toys series: Turbo Strike.
Turbo Strike is a flyer with huge turbo water wheel-like engines at its sides. So besides able to fly, it can move on water. Also created control room at the cockpit.

Like the rest, the flyer comes with its own packaging/ display box.

Packaging/ Display Box

All toys come in its original packaging box. So to complete the collection, I decided to make individual packaging/ display box for the toys. Acrylic boxes are really expensive to make, so to work within my means, I make use of the cardboards instead.

The following are the completed ones...


The boxes may not be as sturdy as acrylic cases, but I think they should be able to serve just as well. Since the toys are made of cardboards, I think it will be quite suitable to have cardboard as its packaging/display box.